Essential Oil Flavored Water

At first this topic may seem…..well…..boring!  However, I am an avid water drinker and I know a lot of you out there are too.  I have heard the comment “water is boring, so I don’t drink it” come out of many mouths, but I beg to differ.  Since our bodies are composed of approximately 65% water, it is important to drink a lot of well filtered water every day.  Water cleanses our bodies, and helps pull toxins out of our system.  I add a variety of essential oils to my water, and it is terrific! 

Here is a breakdown of my thoughts when I add the following essential oils to my glass of H2O:

Essential Oil Flavored Water

Lime Oil – My favorite oil to add to water.  Beautifully crisp and refreshing.
Orange Oil – I think of “happy” when I use orange oil in my water.  It is mild, yet comforting.
Lemon Oil – Energizing.  If you like lemonade, iced tea with lemon, or herbal lemon teas this one is for you.
Peppermint Oil – Invigorating (of course then I start craving a NY Peppermint Patty…..but that’s a different story).

The aromatic components of essential oils are highly beneficial.  One of the best ways to receive the healing benefits of essential oils is to use a diffuser.   Every time you lift your glass of water and inhale the aroma of essential oils, its healing work begins.



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